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Time to get work done on your roof? Make sure to hire a certified, trained professional. The team at Roofing World® offers a huge selection of choices for our clients including residential roof replacement, inspections, and gutter replacements.

A few roofing systems we offer:

Have you thought about metal roofing as an option? We can answer any questions you have and walk you through all of our roofing types. Our team of professionals stands apart from the competition due to the fact we only use high-quality materials and a World Class installation process.

We also replace and install gutter systems. Gutters channel water away from your roof and foundation – it’s important that this system is working properly or costly damage can occur.

Contact your local certified roofer in Eufaula, AL to get started today. A knowledgeable and friendly member of our team will be there to help you every step of the way.


Metal Roofing Specialists in Eufaula

Our metal roofing options are popular because of their high durability and longevity. When Roofing World® installs your metal roof, it can last up to 50+ years.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems We Offer:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs – Consisting of raised vertical and trapezoidal legs in between the flat surfaces, this system provides air-tight and weather-tight protection due to its concealed fasteners. This look can be customizable as well.
  • Rib Panel Roofing – Similar to the standing seam option but the fasteners are not concealed. Rib panel roofing comes in a variety of colors and specifications.

If you choose Roofing World® for your metal roof replacement, you can trust that you will always get the very best we have to offer. We provide exceptional metal roofing in Eufaula, AL. Get started on your next metal roofing project by calling us and setting up a consultation.

What are the Benefits of using Poly Shingles™?

Poly Shingles™, similar to asphalt shingles, are modified with a strong polymer, adding additional support and strength.

We know there are a lot of roofing options out there and it can be tricky to decide on the right one. Our team at Roofing World® agrees on Poly Shingles™ as one of the very best options to choose from. This particular style offers durability against severe weather.

Compared to regular asphalt shingles, Poly Shingles™ have more impact protection and can help ward off wind-blown leaves and debris. You may also get a discount on your homeowners insurance!

Eufaula, AL’s Trusted Roof Replacement Team

At Roofing World®, it’s our mission is to provide customers with the best quality roofing system on the market. Whether your area is experiencing a snowstorm, or it’s a nice spring day, you should never be worried about your roof’s capability. If you aren’t confident in your roof and think there could be issues at play, i.e. leaks or damage, call us immediately for a proper roof inspection.

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Need repairs done on your roof? Want to improve the look and safety of your home? Look no further than Roofing World®’s experienced, licensed roofing contractors in Eufaula. We’ve been industry leaders in roof repair, replacement, and installation for over 25 years.

Roofing World®’s professional team offers prompt, professional service. Our experienced roofing contractors will arrive promptly and get right to work to deliver an outstanding roofing job you can count on.

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Roofing World®: Experienced Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Don’t waste your money on inexperienced roofing contractors who use inferior products. Roofing World® uses the best roofing materials and hires experienced, licensed roofing contractors in Eufaula who go above and beyond, no matter the project size. Our team of experts will work with you to select the roofing material that best suits your budget and needs, and we’ll make sure your roof is repaired or installed quickly and efficiently.

With over 1,000 roofing projects completed, you’re in good hands. Find out why so many happy customers trust us for their roofing needs in Alabama — read our Roofing World® reviews here!

Asphalt Roofing Installation in Eufaula

Many homeowners choose to go with an asphalt shingle installation. It’s easy to see why. Asphalt shingles are affordable and can be easily replaced and repaired. Our roofing contractors in Eufaula can install an asphalt shingle roof for your home or business that can withstand severe weather conditions. Asphalt shingles come in a wide range of styles — give us a call today to discuss your options!

Metal Roof Installation in Eufaula

Our metal roof installers in Eufaula can give your home or business a metal roof that looks amazing and can last over 50 years. It’s a popular roofing material for good reason: Metal is non-combustible, so you won’t have to worry about your roof catching fire. Hailstorms, heavy rains, and strong winds are no match for a metal roof. We offer our metal roofs in a variety of colors and styles, and our experts will gladly help you select the perfect one.

Poly Roofs in Eufaula

Are you considering a poly roof for your home or business? Poly shingles look like asphalt shingles, but they’re stronger and have greater resistance to impact and algae. Our roofing contractor in Eufaula can install a beautiful poly roof on your home or business that is stylish and offers protection against severe weather.

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If you’re searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Eufaula, look no further. We’re family-owned and -operated and aim to keep your family safe from harsh weather conditions with roof repairs and installation you can trust.

Roofing World® takes pride in providing prompt, dependable roofing repair, replacement, and installation. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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