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Roof Installation

When you choose Roofing World for your roof replacement, you’ll get an appointment with us right away. You can trust us when we say that when your appointment time arrives, we will show up on time and on schedule. Because we prioritize customer satisfaction, we take extra care to make sure that every step goes as smoothly as possible.

Our World Class Process

Step 1

Protect & Remove

We use tarps and other preventive measures to ensure that your home remains safe during the tear off. We will take the roof completely down to the decking to inspect the substrate’s condition. We don’t do layovers! (They are cheaper, but simply push off problems to a later date.)

Step 2

Reinspect & Repair

Once the roof is torn off, we will reinspect for damage and repair any bad decking we find that was obscured by the existing roof. We make sure your new roof has a solid foundation that will last!

Step 3

Professionally Install the Roof that you designed

We lay a Storm Shield that is self-adhering to the underlayment for high water flow areas. Then we put on a synthetic waterproof underlayment that is lightweight and tear-resistant. If applicable, we install a ridge vent to allow air flow and finally we apply the roofing material you selected.

Your Personal Installation Manager

Roofing World’s Professional On-site Project Manager

  • With you from start to finish on your new roof project
  • Meets with you prior to the start of your project to explain exactly what will be done.
  • Reviews with you our detailed project checklist, and keeps you informed and updated every step of the way.

Lifetime Warranties

We stand behind our work with Lifetime Warranties on materials aND labor on any of our World-Class Collection Products

We Stand Behind Our Work
World Class Installation Process
Onsite Installation Manager

Most roofing companies offer one to three years of workmanship warranties but Roofing World stands behind its work for as long as you live in your home with our World-Class Collection.

roofing world warranties

As a homeowner, the most important thing that you should understand are the different warranty coverages:

Product Warranty – The manufacturer covers the product against defects in the material.

Workmanship Warranty – This covers issues that occur because of the labor & workmanship.

Roofing World covers both product and labor warranties which means less hassle and frustration for customers.

Here’s What Our Client Say

Friendly, professional roofing experts in Alabama

“Did a great job! were very fast and cleaned up everything. have already recommended to many of our neighbors.”

Charles Guy

“Our roof looks amazing, and the work was done very quickly but professionally. Very pleased!!”

Ronald Young